Course d’Orientation:CNE et France de Sprint 2015

In 2015 the National Sprint and Team Relay Championships of France were held in Champdieu and Chalmazel in France.

The sprint event was held in the town of Champdieu, with runners traversing the mall streets, staircases, covered passages, and dead ends of the town.

Some 1600 runners across a host of regional teams entered the Relay Championships in the woods outside Chalmazel, where runners ran through nighttime and daytime legs to contest the event.

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Train Hard, Win Easy

A follow-up video to Go Hard or Go Home, again featuring the Swiss orienteers, Daniel and Martin Hubmann.

Set in Switzerland in the hills around Kreuzegg, it shows off again the grace and athleticism that top orienteers such as these can achieve.

Beautiful countryside is also always part and parcel of Middle and Long-Distance races. Indeed a lovely aspect of this video is its conveying of the sensory joys of orienteering down to the crunch of autumn leaves under foot. Brilliant.


  • Music: Trailer – Klob, The Epic – AudioPizza (available on
  • Film shooting and production: puresive films, a film company by Simon Rüegg and Lukas Schubnell.
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Go Hard or Go Home

A fun orienteering movie from 2013, promoting two of the best orienteers in the world, Daniel and Martin Hubmann.

It’s filmed mainly in the scenery of Flims in Switzerland and imagines a race between the brothers. Two stages of 2023’s Swiss O-Week were set in the forest featured in this film!

Featuring great scenery and beautiful all-terrain running, it’s a minor Youtube classic for orienteers.


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