An Orienteering Club in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Welcome to Uringa Orienteering Club, the home of orienteering in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Inner West!

New to Orienteering? Click the video below for a taste of this brilliant sport!

To find out more about orienteering in general and in detail, and how to get started, go to our New to Orienteering page.

Member Benefits

To find out more about Uringa club, and why you might like to become a member, go to Member Benefits.

Joining Uringa will help you get connected with local events and like-minded orienteers. It’s a friendly club where you can pick up a lot of tips and tricks in the sport, enjoy some camaraderie and get a feel for the wider community of orienteers.

Join Uringa

To join our club, go to our Join Uringa! page. Uringa has been encouraging and promoting orienteering in Sydney for over 50 years – you’re joining a club with some history!

Members range in age from kids to seniors, at all levels of fitness and experience.

There is a strong social aspect to orienteering – somewhat ironically, as one generally competes alone! There’s a lot of getting together to compare routes after runs – which was a good route choice or where you stuffed up – and there are often club dinners after race days at major events.

Find Events

To see events run by clubs all over Sydney and Australia go to Eventor, the online hub of orienteering events hosted and maintained by Orienteering Australia

Click on an event of interest and scroll right down to see a map of exactly where to find your desired event. 

Read our Blog

To get a taste of our orienteering events and club fellowship, go to our blog.

It will give you a good feel for the tone of our club, glimpses of some of its stalwarts, and a taste of the activities of Uringa Orienteers.

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Enjoy and hope to see you on a course soon!