Dave Lotty

Dave Lotty

At Uringa Orienteers, we are lucky enough to have some members who are really pivotal in the sport’s development in Australia. One such member is Dave Lotty, the Uringa Orienteers’ Treasurer and our Cartographer. He is also more generally a titan of the sport of orienteering in Australia. 

He has been a founder of both key clubs around Sydney (including Uringa Orienteers) and the Orienteering Association of NSW, serving in numerous roles for decades. 

On the national level, Dave has been active in the national OFA which morphed into our current national body, Orienteering Australia. In Orienteering Australia, he has been a Secretary, Director, chaired its Mapping Committee and been its Fixture Coordinator. 

For all his work over decades, Dave has been recipient of high awards, such as the OFA Silva Award for Services to Orienteering in 1991, Lifetime Membership to ONSW, and has recently been inducted into Orienteering Australia’s Hall of Fame

Some of Dave’s most important work has been in drawing maps for the sport of orienteering in this state. As a professional draftsman, he produced most of the early orienteering maps in NSW, drawing maps but also field-working them.

As an example of this work, all 14 versions of the map of Centennial Park in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs (now a permanent course) were produced by Dave! You can see a portion of his lovely Centennial Park map in the background of this website.

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