O-Ringen 2022 Stage 1

O-Ringen is an iconic, 5-stage Swedish orienteering competition, held over a week every year in different regions of Sweden since 1965.

It usually attracts 15-20,000 competitors from around the world, from beginner to elite, toddlers to senior citizens.

It is a vastly well-organised event, but the O-Ringen organisers (like most every other orienteering organiser!) also incorporate a real sustainable ethos and policies in order to minimise the impact of the event.

It has a lovely, family-oriented, community-based vibe, with a full program of activities around the actual races.

In addition to the races and cultural events, there is also the O-Ringen Academy, where orienteers from around the world, local club leaders and everyday enthusiasts can all learn skills for furthering their own orienteering or their country’s orienteering programs.

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25manna Relay

The 25manna is a relay orienteering race for club teams that has been held in Sweden every autumn since 1974. 

25 runners start in a team (hence the name), with the set of rules specifying the line-up of the teams. This creates the special appeal of the race, as amateurs and juniors can run together with elite runners in one team.

23 teams competed in the first race in 1974. Since then the number has steadily increased. 100 teams competed for the first time in 1982, 200 in 1985 and 300 in 1989. Since the early 1990s, the number of teams has been around 350.


  • at least seven women must be represented in the team
  • at least one member must be 16 years of age or younger
  • on certain legs of the race, runners must be under 14 or over 45 years old
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10 Mila Relay

The 10 Mila relay is an orienteering relay which has been held in Sweden each year from 1945.

The men’s race is a 10-leg race, held at night, while the women’s and youth versions are held during the day and consist of 5 legs.

The 10 or tio mila name means 10 Swedish miles, each mile approximating 10 metric kilometres. Unlike Jukola, 10 Mila is held in the northern spring so the night legs must be truly dark in the forest!

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Jukola Relay

The hallowed Finnish Jukola Relay is the biggest orienteering relay race in the world. The name Jukola is a family name taken from the Finnish novel, Seven Brothers.

Held annually since 1949, it is held at sunset sometime between the 13th and 19th of June, with competitors racing through the night, using powerful head torches for the first 3 to 4 legs.

Seven runners run legs of between 7 and 15km, with the winning team finishing usually at around 6 or 7am. The race is contested by upwards of 1500 runners each year, from an international array of teams.

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Venla Relay

The Venla Relay is the relay race held for women which precedes Jukola, and is held during the Saturday afternoon prior to the men’s race.

Like Jukola, the name Venla is taken from the Finnish novel, Seven Brothers, and was the name of the main female character in that Finnish classic.

The race has 4 legs and is usually contested by well over 1000 runners from all over the world.

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Oceania Championships

Oceania Championships are held every year and include competitors from Australia and New Zealand.

The locations themselves are major highlights, mixing great running over our unique terrain with areas of cultural and often gastronomic significance! The Oceania Championships mean regional travel at its best for us locals.

Oceania 2019 was held in Beechworth, Victoria, a location full of history from the Goldrush era, great restaurants and cafes, and beautiful running through the Victorian High Country.

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World Masters Orienteering Championships

One of the genius things about orienteering is that you can do it at any age. WMOC is testament to this.

The World Masters Orienteering Championship (WMOC) is held every year at a different location, mainly around Europe but also sometimes in Australia, New Zealand or the US. Wherever it’s held, WMOC is invariably in lovely locations and terrain.

The above video is from WMOC 2018, held in Denmark. WMOC 2023 is being held in Slovakia.

The classes for competitors range from Men/Women 35 (years or older) to Men/Women 100! This new 100 class is relatively recent but speaks volumes to the demand and ability of older orienteers!

What’s brilliant too is the qualifying rounds are held for all comers – go to WMOC and you’re guaranteed to get in some lovely races and you never know, you might just make a final!


Video: Edgar Sparans, Latvian orienteer and videographer

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