World Masters Orienteering Championships

One of the genius things about orienteering is that you can do it at any age. WMOC is testament to this.

The World Masters Orienteering Championship (WMOC) is held every year at a different location, mainly around Europe but also sometimes in Australia, New Zealand or the US. Wherever it’s held, WMOC is invariably in lovely locations and terrain.

The above video is from WMOC 2018, held in Denmark. WMOC 2023 is being held in Slovakia.

The classes for competitors range from Men/Women 35 (years or older) to Men/Women 100! This new 100 class is relatively recent but speaks volumes to the demand and ability of older orienteers!

What’s brilliant too is the qualifying rounds are held for all comers – go to WMOC and you’re guaranteed to get in some lovely races and you never know, you might just make a final!


Video: Edgar Sparans, Latvian orienteer and videographer